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Who Needs Added Soybean Protein Peptide?

Mar 31, 2015

1, hospital patients

, Done on recovering of gastrointestinal surgery, absorption of protein for disease reasons or indigestion, or because the body cannot be degraded and absorbed the lack of enzyme systems in patients with protein, soybean protein peptide is easy to digest and absorb nutrients characteristics has become an important source of protein nutrition.

2, seniors

Due to the increasing age, one of the various organs are at low ebb, appears appetite, digestion and absorption, and amount of protein intake from food is far below physiological requirements, nutrient supply, more prone to disease and aging. Soybean protein peptides are readily absorbed by the body and lower blood pressure, prevent blood serum cholesterol, rapid nutritional supplements can help older people, strengthen the immune system and strong physique, less sick and let them maintain a healthy state.

3, high blood pressure, high blood fat crowd

Soybean protein peptide inhibits angiotensin I-converting enzyme activity, lower serum cholesterol have unique characteristics, while promoting fat metabolism and energy, is ideal for patients with high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol nutrition supplements.

4, strong athletes such as consumption of physical exertion and scientists, entrepreneurs and other mental people

This population due to unusual physical exertion and mental consumption, there will be short-term nutrient shortages. Soybean protein peptide for them quickly replenish proteins, enhanced nutrition, elimination of fatigue, as the brain brain brain, for athletes to increase muscle mass, strength.

5, body fat, weight loss

Soybean protein peptide can promote fat metabolism and energy, inhibits fat storage in the body, can effectively control weight increase.