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Virtual-high Drug Prices As The Spur Pharmaceutical Pricing Reforms

Mar 31, 2015

Recently, more than 700,000 drug price exposure, generally 5 to 6 times of the ex-factory price of the retail price of the drug. According to media reports, "reducing drug prices net" website lists containing more than 700,000 kinds of medicines selling price, the ex-factory price, rather than listing, from the factory to the retail price of drugs secrets being exposed. For example, a cefonicid injections, each retails for 0.5G specifications 32.8 Yuan, while ex-factory price of just 4.9 Yuan; Similarly, the tablets using irbesartan and hydrochlorothiazide tablets are commonly used in the treatment of essential hypertension medicine, retails for 162.5mgx7 specifications 38.07, ex-factory prices is 4.75 Yuan.

The new health care reform enters its sixth year, virtual-high drug prices caused by expensive still exists. Now, drug price reform is brewing, and could cure ills of high drug prices concern.

At this year's parliamentary session, Wei Feiyan, Chairman of national people's Congress of Guangxi red drug industry directed at the virtual-high drug prices, she said: "more than 90% drugs have tethering, price cut 50%, are not a problem. ”