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Pien: Dynamic Activate Brand Value Management To Speed Up Release

Mar 31, 2015

Management heads the company entered a new development period. New management after his arrival, the company positively the layout of new sales channels, management incentives at the subsidiary level. Business Watch, pien (600436 shares) business is divided into three series, Pien series series, general medicine, daily chemical, daily chemical products through Internet marketing mindset combined brand value is expected to be released, and great potential.

Pien lozenge is expected, prices rise in the future. (1) Pien 2013 sold Lozenge 2.94 million capsules, if calculated per capita 10 tablets, pien in 2013 sales corresponds to using the 290,000 people in the crowd. And some 40% exports, domestic consumption crowd of about 200,000 people. Smaller crowd, if active marketing, supply and demand imbalance will greatly increase space; (2) Pien musk deer farming in healthy development stages, annual musk production in the future is expected to be 50%. Pien the best strategy in the future to remain 10% growth in sales, then five years later, Pien will remove the musk resource risks.