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How To Improve Medical Services For Chinese Medicine?

Mar 31, 2015

The public reputation of Chinese medicine, the academic and social status of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine say, the inheritance and development of Chinese medicine, to a large extent on services in Chinese medicine. Capacity is the strength, the strength of its showing.

We often say that the "dead weight", there are 1000 kilograms, can you afford to carry, carry how far it can go, it is the ability to measure. The ability to carry 800 pounds is 800 pounds, capacity to carry 500 pounds is 500 pounds. Of course, you don't have to carry, "four-two ounces", you can use wisdom to move it, carried it is intelligence and ability!

Service is able to say the service level, and is the team's quality of traditional Chinese medicine, which is Chinese medicine degree of contribution to the maintenance of the health of the people. We have to elevate the ability of medical service of Chinese medicine, you need to do three things:

First thing is to objectively consider medicine "fat, thin, Tall", which understand their fat, thin, high, high, do the sort of dominant diseases.