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Health Plan In Pnin: Further Optimization Of The Basic Drug System

Mar 31, 2015

Puning City medical plan in unswervingly deepen reform, eliminate disadvantages hinder the development of health systems and mechanisms. Education activities carried out since the mass line of the party, the city's medical and health system reform in an orderly fashion. National system for basic drugs and run the new mechanism was further consolidated upgrade grass-roots, essential drug system has been further extended coverage of public hospitals at county level, primary health clinics, community health centers and rural health stations. Essential drug system was further optimized primary care medical services, asset and expenditure management to implement "centralized payment, segregated account" perfecting compensation mechanism of basic medical and health institutions, safeguarding the effective functioning of primary health care institutions and health development. Comprehensively promote the comprehensive reform of public hospitals at county level, comprehensive reform pilot units of public hospitals at county level total elimination of drugs addition was further implemented.