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Analysis Of Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Oct 02, 2020

August 31, 2020 analysis of pharmaceutical intermediates fine chemical industry includes fine chemicals and special chemicals. Fine chemical products have the characteristics of small amount of production, relatively specific application field, long and complex industrial chain, and are mainly used in the fields of medicine, pesticide, dye, liquid crystal, etc.

After nearly ten years of growth, China's fine chemical industry has made great progress. At present, China's overall refining rate (i.e., the output value of fine chemical industry = total value of fine chemical products / total value of chemical products * 100%) is about 40%.

Some fine chemical products have a certain international competitiveness and become the important processing and exporting places of fine chemical raw materials and intermediates in the world.

In order to seize the highest profit point, international industry giants have adjusted their development strategies, focusing on both ends of the smile curve - R & D and end products, and transferring production links such as intermediates and APIs outward. Thus, a global division of labor model has been formed.

China, India and other developing countries have a good foundation to undertake global industrial transfer because of their comparative advantages.

With the continuous improvement of China's fine chemical technology level, the product types and market share of China's industrial transfer are gradually increasing.

In the process of fine chemical industry transfer, intermediate is a very important kind of varieties, and also the main link of China to undertake the transfer.

In recent years, the intermediate enterprises gradually listed in the capital market are relatively concentrated. Most of the projects invested by raising funds are aimed at breaking through the bottleneck of production capacity to meet the growing demand. The whole industry presents a vigorous development momentum.

The acceleration of industrial transfer process provides a huge market space for the fine chemical intermediate industry