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Wearable mobile device development space is enormous

Mar 31, 2015

IT giants such as Apple, Google and Samsung launch Apple Watch, Google and SAMSUNG Galaxy Glass wearable mobile medical equipment such as Gear, this mobile medical care needed for the implementation of the terminal display unusually prosperous development. Wearable mobile devices popping up mainly due to the appearance of small, inexpensive high-performance sensors, high-performance individuals of the popularity and low cost of digital communication module. Wearable mobile device development should follow the following directions: first, we must maximize their strengths in order to favor in the medical community. Wearable mobile medical equipment and hospital specialty medical devices are in two categories, the former type, accuracy and value of diagnosis and treatment on the congenital deficiency, long, normal, homes and in real time data acquisition, there was an obvious advantage. Secondly, to extend hospital services value chain length, real-time monitoring, to observe trends and timely warning. Third, improving the quality of hospital services. Break through the restriction of hospital beds, and expand the number of services. Wearable mobile devices product homogeneity, improvement of user stickiness, software product marketing is still continuing to explore space.