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Medicine net exports of traditional Chinese medicine and herbs growth significantly

Mar 31, 2015

2013 mainland exports to Hong Kong was 94009232 kg, an increase of 0.94% and exports of $ 530 million, an increase of 122.19%, the advantage of Hong Kong's re-export trade has expanded. Mainland Chinese herbal products are mainly exported to Hong Kong with Tianqi, chrysanthemum, eucommia ulmoides, atractylodes, codonopsis pilosula, rhizoma chuanxiong, Radix paeoniae Alba radix ginseng and radix rehmanniae, exports showed significant growth.

Private enterprise is the main force for promoting export of Chinese medicine and herbs, in 2013, the export business to 642, exports amounted to $ 845 million, accounts for as much as 69.8%; foreign-funded export-oriented enterprises to 120, worth $ 190 million, exports accounted for more than 15.81%; amount of State-owned enterprises exports accounted for 14.38%. Noteworthy is that in private enterprises, private enterprises ' exports accounted for 66.86%.

Judging from the exports, exports of Chinese herbal medicines in Anhui Province, have been among the best in the country, Chinese herbal medicine exports are concentrated in bozhou of Anhui Province. Bozhou is nationally renowned for its "Chinese medicine" and acreage accounted for one-tenth of Chinese herbal medicines, herbal output accounted for one-third, has taken shape in medicinal herbs planting, processing, marketing, research, Convention and exhibition, tourism, health care and a complete industrial system.