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Medical agent called throat oral drugs is decreasing with price stability in the

Mar 31, 2015

In recent times, the temperature gradually warms, we are celebrating the renewal of spring. But the incidence of throat disease gradually increase, in this context, throat oral drug prices are gradually showing a downward trend in the stable, the pharmaceutical concern.

Among them, the pharynx and oral categories, antibiotics, endocrine drugs prices steadily up and down. Golden Melody-jets, Ceclor, amoxicillin capsules price decline, and 2.49%, and 4.9%, respectively. Circulatory system drugs in 1.67% drop in price of Beijing hypotensive No. 0, lotensin tablets, namely levamlodipine tablets price increased by 1.09% and 1.03% respectively. In addition, prices of compound danshen dripping pill, 2.05%, Xiao Chai Hu granules by 1.29%, 39 stomach-capsule price rose significantly, reaching 6.72%. Suxiaojiuxin pills by 1.25%, 999 ganmaoling particles decreased by 2.31%, price declines greatly erythromycin eye ointment, 6.16%.