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liquid seaweed extract for Organic farming

May 26, 2016

Basic Info.

Product Description

Main function
1, To promote flower bud differentiation, protect the flowers and fruits, rapid expansion, rapid maturity, to provide a lot of plants, and effectively promote the growth of crops.

2, Reduce abnormal fruit, increase the content of sugar and vitamin C. To improve the taste, smooth fruit surface, the color is even, to extend the freshness.

3, Inhibition and reduction of soil borne diseases. Effectively inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and the propagation of harmful microorganisms in the soil, improve the ability of crop resistance.

Applies to wheat and other food crops; strawberries, grapes, peach, pearand other fruits; tomato, pepper, cucumber, rice, and other vegetables; rice, herbs and gardening, horticulture plants.

 Packing Specification
 According to customer's will