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Jun 16, 2016


Product Detail

  • Function:for Cosmetics

  • Grade Standard:Medicine Grade

[Property]: White flaky crystal or crystalline powder. Has unique bitter sweet taste, can improve the fruit juice, soft drinks and other flavored taste quality. Have a special flavor, can be used for incense materials.

Muscles in clinical and health protection for the joints, for antibiotics and anti-tumor, anti-hypertensive and synthesis of new stomach, also used as antioxidant, antiseptic and preservative.

Trans-4-Hydroxy-L-proline application in the pharmaceutical synthesis
First, for the synthesis of porphyrin anticancer drugs Second, the mold for the synthesis of sulfur-imine class of antibiotics Third, for the synthetic antidepressants Fourth, the synthesis of drugs used to lower blood pressure Fifth, for the synthesis of quinolone antibacterial drugs Sixth, for the synthesis of penicillin antibiotics Seven, for the synthesis of vasoactive drugs Eight, the synthesis of anti-amnesia drugs Nine, promote intestinal peptide and gastrin trypsin inhibitor peptide synthesis


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