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Industry policies frequently gentle medicine plate movements

Mar 31, 2015

At this stage, the pharmaceutical industry is in a stage of development, many policies in place, let the medical panel development trends of flat, showing a rising tendency of development of the industry, the trend has been strong.

Seen from the secondary market, shares of series of reform measures is creating a huge upside to push drug companies in the a-shares market perform. From the index view, according to Shen Wan level breakdown of pharmaceutical, biotechnology sector, began late last year, continued strength of the market. As March 19, medicine bio plate 60 day of gains for 8.44%, and earlier of index is fell has 6.01%; from performance see, currently has released of 82 home medicine bio industry 2013 annual report displayed, except 2 home profit total slightly has declined outside, remaining 80 home all achieved profit total steadily rose, leading medicine enterprise of performance notice also quite excellent, like Yunnan baiyao (83.27,-2.33,-2.72%) last year net profit about for 2.5 billion yuan, Rose 57.98%.

From a longer term, because of the intensity and distribution of policy is different, in the course of subsequent reform dividend release, between different sub-sectors in the pharmaceutical industry will also reflect different levels of response, including medical services, medical equipment pharmaceutical industry this year will be the most popular event of the plate.