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Industry growth is slowing, but can maintain a two-digit

Mar 31, 2015

China's pharmaceutical industry revenue growth 30% growth from 2011, today slipped to 2014 1 November 12.8%, growth rates showed a downward trend, mainly because of a slowdown in China's economic growth, plus the central focus on holding down drug prices, drug prices down which slow down the growth of the entire industry. While health reform point to get rid of medicine medicine, strengthened health control fees, coupled with demands for reform in various provinces to be completed before the end of June 2015 bid, downward pressure on the next six months is still large, expect that the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in 2015, will maintain the downward trend. However, taking into account the ageing population continues, central to increase support for the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical market size is expected future growth can continue for about 1 time times the level of GDP growth. But drug companies overall upwards in the past two years will come to an end, to earn excess returns, stock selection will become more important, strong ability of research and development, companies have more exclusive products to be superior, in addition, hospital concepts enterprises will also be a preferred investment targets.