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Herbal quality standard problems?

Mar 31, 2015

Provincial Chinese herbal medicine enterprise standards for filing mechanism: based on Chinese herbal medicine the particularity of a class of drugs, according to the national quality standards for some varieties of herbal quality standard scientific applicability is not strong, herbal quality standard is not perfect, many common words without a standard executable, such as problems, suggest that national drug regulatory authorities to establish provincial-level mechanism of herbal standards for archival purposes. Provincial Chinese herbal medicine enterprise standards for filing mechanism shall establish detailed record management approaches, clearly for the record departments/institutions and standards Review Committee, and develop herbal quality standard specifications or guidelines. The record mechanism established hòu, in for full of test research and data collection of based shàng, enterprise can for market needs big but no standard executable or national standards developed not reasonable of medicine pieces, developed medicine pieces enterprise standard, to located of provincial drug prison sector for medicine pieces enterprise standard record, together provides research information to support enterprise standard developed of rationality and scientific; provincial drug prison sector in accepted hòu for form review, and expert review and verification, To meet the requirements of standards allowed for archival purposes and issued the record of Chinese herbal medicine enterprise standards, and publicity.