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Health Food Collagen Peptide From China

May 26, 2016

Basic Info

1.Product Description of health food collagen peptide

     This product is extracted from non-polluted fish skin of deep sea and fish scales collagen and refined by modem biological engineering method such as composite enzyme gradient directional enzyme cutting technology,ect.Its unique low molecular structure can quickly and effectively complement collagen nutrition that human body has lost.

 2.Product Function of   health food collagen peptide from china 
 1). Remove freckle,tight skin ,and reshape vigor figure.
 2).Strengthen bones to absorb calcium.
 3).Delay aging-Enhance immunity;prevent and treat sub-health;delay aging of skin,nail,hair and functional organs of human body,It has a certain function of preventing and curing diseases.
 4).collagen peptide can strongly promote fat metabolism.Increase the organism energy supply