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Granulated Ascorbic Acid 97%

Aug 17, 2016


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Function:Vitamins and Minerals Deficiency Drug

  • Specification:97%

  • Origin:CHINA

Product Description

Product advantage:
1. Uniform particle size distribution and good roundness
2. Good fluidity and excellent compressibility (appearance, friability, hardness etc. )
3. Low water content and high stability

Product Name: Granulated Ascorbic Acid 97%
HS Code: 2936.9000
CAS 50-81-7

Appearance: White or almost white fine granular powder

Usage: It is an ascorbic acid consisting of approximately 97% ascorbic acid USP/BP/EP/FCC and 3% HPMC. It is intended for use in pharmaceutical tablets and nutritional supplements produced by direct compression.

Inside package: With plastic bag and aluminiun bags.
Storage: In tightly sealed containers, free from contact with metal and protected from light. Avoid exposure to high temperature(max. 25 ? )and humidity

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