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Digitization of medical devices in China will speed up the process

Mar 31, 2015

Technology Department announced digital clinic equipment focus special implementation programme views draft, views draft proposed, to caught health field new a round technology revolution of opportunity, promoting medical devices industry digital, and network, and smart of of development for target, to early diagnosis, and precise diagnosis, and micro create treatment, and precision treatment for direction, to more die State molecular imaging, and new magnetic resonance imaging system, and new computer fault imaging, and low dose x ray imaging, and next-generation ultrasound imaging, and composite Endoscope, and new micro imaging, and large radiotherapy equipment, and Surgical robots (42.22-3.5%, inquisition), active implantable medical devices, such as the ten focusing on major strategic products, strengthening the core components and key technology research, breaking a number of leading edge technology, in collaboration with advancing testing standard system construction, technical upgrading, application solutions, and model evaluation work, accelerate the speed of China's medical equipment localization and innovation in the field of restructuring. High-end, large medical device field, and once (GE, Philips, Siemens) as the representative of the foreign-funded enterprises dominate. Localization opportunities currently facing the medical device industry, high-end medical devices to greater potential in the area, is expected to become the next outlet, policy support will be the biggest drivers. With the development of digital medical equipment special experimental work, medical appliance digitalization in China will speed up the process. Concept of digital medical equipment in the a-share shareholders soft group (21.5-0.56%, inquisition), HTC tech (20.28-0.98%, inquisition), Boe (3.12-1.89%, inquisition), later it is worth focusing on.