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Clean up the drugs at low prices seem reasonable in the market space

Mar 31, 2015

Recently, some media survey found that some first-aid or treatment of calculus and rheumatic diseases, such as colds, diseases, essential drugs at low prices often difficult to get a drug, and alternative medicines are expensive in price more than 10 times, making it difficult for ordinary citizens to accept. Cheap drugs where on Earth is it?

Lower-priced drugs low profits, manufacturers are not enthusiastic. Cheap medicines disappear, high proliferation of drugs, hiding a big medical corruption risk. In recent years, some hospitals in excessive pursuit of economic interests, resulting in expensive, such as the drug phenomenon. What's more, "reps" as the typical interest group, wantonly enter hospitals, pharmacies, through such means as bribery, kickbacks, squeeze medicine space at low prices. Meanwhile, these hidden costs eventually added on drug prices, increase the burden on patients, worsened the relationship between doctor and patient.

Whether medical information asymmetry or simply be a corruption or to eliminate its drawbacks, have to pay a high social cost. Therefore, health departments and the Department of prices to aggressively clean up pharmaceutical markets chaos, lower drug prices and reasonable room for survival, alternative medicine to the patients in a fair environment.