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Beauty Product - Patent Taiwan Fish-Scale Collagen Peptides

Jun 03, 2016

Basic Info

*Collagen is the richest protein of organism; it is not only the skin beauty function, but also many
  functions for human body. It can boost your immunity, reduce Osteoporosis, to heal the trauma
  and scald, reduce the pain of joint.  

*Top quality with pure color. Best option for drink modulation or made with powder bag. 

* Completed Inspection reports  :The appraisal report of gene, the content of hydroxyproline, BES statement , Non-Radiation.
Patented Collagen Peptide Procedure.
*The molecular weight range is 800-1200 Da; easily digested and absorbed.
*Patented procedure , the content of Protein is >90% , nutritional value is higher and
 effect is faster.
*The effect of water-soluble and absorption are good, suitable for dosage form. 
*Mass production, economical and practical, has competitiveness price on Market.
*Exclusive peptides procedure to remove the fishlike smell.

*Fast to add the Skin's elasticity, moisturizing, glossiness and get the obvious effect to
 repair the damaged organization.

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