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Anticancer Ginsenoside 80% Panax Ginseng Extract

Jun 04, 2016

Basic Info.

Product Description

Product Details:
Raw Material:Plants
Specification:Total Ginsenosides 20%-80%

Product Name: Ginseng Root Powder
Other Name:Ginseng extract,Ginseng Extract powder,Ginseng powder,Ginseng root extract,Panax Ginseng Extract
Latin Name: Panax Ginseng
Part Used:Stem&Leaf Root
Appearance:Gray-white fine powder
Characteristics:Natural & Whole Ginseng Root Powder,reliable, natural and pure root powder .
CAS No.:90045-38-8

Suggested Applications:
Food, Beverages and used as functional additives for health care products,cosmetics.
Healthy food, seasoning,bakery, beverages, and instant tea making.

Increase energy, counter the effects of stress, and enhance intellectual and physical performance. 2. lower blood sugar, and the polysaccharides (complex sugar molecules), which support immune function.3.Improve human immune system.

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